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Project Zero

Do you feel like you are constantly reinvesting in how your team works?

Most management processes and frameworks are focused
on practices, tools, and procedures.

We focus on how humans work not just with each other, but for each other.

Human-Centered Problem Solving

We provide a structured framework for critical thinking, processing, sense-making, feedback, integrating research, and creation.


We place value on meaning making through reflection, helping to cultivate a collaborative working culture in virtual, hybrid, and physical spaces.


We inspire teams to identify their shared motivations, to share ownership of their work, and empower them to engage in the process.

Team Building

We focus on the polarity between teams and individuals as humans, the whole person and the whole team. We build strong, agile teams, through real-life shared experiences, support, and critical thinking.


Join a network growing a community of problem solvers that can work together with shared problem solving skills and language

Key Elements

Five People. Four Days. Fantastic.

Transform your group of five individuals into a team of problem solvers.

Seeking a deeper experience?
Consider our 3-month
certificate program, C/Corps

C/Corps includes Project Zero, in addition to ongoing training and development over 3 months

The Details

  • 4 days

  • 1 customizable challenge

  • Online, hybrid, and in-person options

Our Team

The team at Normal Next has pioneered virtual work dynamics within organizations as well as new forms of collaboration across organizational boundaries. We have developed systems that enable team members across the world to be productive, both individually and together. Our expertise is in education, tech, strategy, innovation, policy, and entrepreneurship across the private, non profit, and corporate sectors.

Your Team

  • New and existing groups of individuals seeking to strengthen the collective team

  • Up to 5 people per cohort; multiple cohorts may run simultaneously

Discover the Program

A focused, intense experience that provides the tools to process, contextualize, and define problems as a team.

Starts with a Challenge

Intentionally with minimal direction, this customizable challenge is designed to immerse participants in problem-solving. Participants are put on teams of 3 to 5 people to develop a comprehensive solution within a few days. Each day, participants join a morning meeting to connect and cultivate awareness of their experience.

Participants present their solution to the challenge and receive feedback from invested stakeholders. After the feedback session, participants are led through a feedback reflection to integrate their experience holistically.

Grounded in Proven Systems

After the feedback session, participants reflect on their experience - how they defined the problem, designed a solution, and worked together with their team. We then provide a structured session where they learn how to apply design thinking and collaboration practices that will empower them as a team, to solve problems faster in the future.

Integrates Feedback

Jumpstart your team now.

Contact us today to arrange your customizable Project Zero experience.

4 days starting at $10,000 for cohort of up to 5 people.

Why Project Zero?

Project Zero is focused on building teams and collaboration skills through intensive problem solving experiences, and is supported by our signature Spark Project Management Framework. It utilizes fundamentals of design thinking, an iterative process, focused on the user, to develop solutions. The Project Zero experience incorporates emotional intelligence, and is grounded in neuroscience and Gestalt psychology. 

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