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Jacksonville Area Music Museum

C/Corps Associates have played a foundational role in helping the Jacksonville Historical Society design and plan for a new type of museum that brings the community together across racial, economic, and generational divides by showing how the city’s incredible musical history comes from a fusion of musical influences. To date, C/Corps teams have conducted oral history interviews, researched case studies and suggested exhibition ideas, and curated a vision statement for the museum with community-wide input.


Culture of Health Leaders

C/Corps worked with the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Culture of Health Leaders program to help their community of 300 health leaders confront and adapt to the disruptions caused by the pandemic. In the process, Associates helped transition the community to a dynamic online format that embraced the momentum of the program’s in-person model while also providing participants ongoing support and a way to create a lasting network effect.



C/Corps Associates helped the Northeast Florida Regional Council create an inventory of initiatives around the region so that counties could learn from, be inspired by, and be spurred on by neighboring counties. Enabling the region to withstand and recover from the effects of climate change and baseline weather events is a complex engineering, planning, and financial challenge, and decisions made at each stage have serious implications for equity within the community.

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