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Spark Fundamentals

One day of learning,
a lifetime of solving problems.

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This one-day training is a foundational introduction to the tenets of the Spark Framework, a way for humans to come together in teams to get things done.

Most management processes and frameworks are focused on practices, tools, and procedures. We focus on how humans work not just with each other, but for each other.

Why Spark? It utilizes fundamentals of design thinking, iterative processes, and user-centered solutions. The Spark experience incorporates emotional intelligence, and is grounded in neuroscience and psychology. 

Discover the Program

learning objectives

  1. Experience how the Spark Framework can strengthen teams via group challenges/exercises.

  2. Articulate the five steps in the process.

  3. Apply the Spark Framework to your daily work.

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Presented by Normal Next

The team at Normal Next has pioneered virtual work dynamics within organizations as well as new forms of collaboration across organizational boundaries. We have developed systems that enable team members across the world to be productive, both individually and together. Our expertise is in education, tech, strategy, innovation, policy, and entrepreneurship across the private, non-profit, and corporate sectors.

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